A Proud History

Although the LNP is a relatively new entity, it takes pride in the achievements of its predecessor parties in serving the people of Queensland in Government.

Traditionally Queenslanders turn to the non-Labor parties to govern in times of difficult economic and budgetary circumstances or when service delivery is dysfunctional and industry, infrastructure and resource development are inadequate.

When the Coalition came to power in Queensland in 1957 after 25 years of Labor government, Queensland had acquired the national reputation of the “Cinderella” State. Services were unequal to other states, the budgetary outlook was bleak, the economy was poor and the private sector was languishing.

By contrast, the legacy of 32 years of strong conservative rule at the change of government in 1989 was efficient service delivery, high profile resource development and a strong economy and private sector.

In 1996, the State Coalition Government was again confronted with Labor’s mess – service delivery chaos, stalled infrastructure and a pessimistic economic outlook. It took up the challenge on behalf of Queenslanders and within two years had established a re-invigorated service delivery regime and a strengthened economy.

The history of the conservative parties having to rebuild the economy after Labor government failures is equally applicable on the national scene as it is in Queensland.

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