LNP pledge action to address cost of living in Toowoomba

Shadow Treasurer Tim Nicholls and LNP Candidate Trevor Watts visited small businesses today to talk about the skyrocketing cost of living.

Speaking at Homestyle Bakeries, Tim Nicholls said that the crippling cost of doing business is putting pressure on the budgets of all Queenslanders.

“Kerry Shine and Anna Bligh lost our AAA credit rating and now that we’re rapidly approaching $85 billion in debt and a $4 billion deficit, Queenslanders will soon be paying $595,000 per hour, every hour, in interest payments alone.

“Costs are soaring for small business, and that’s been passed on to consumers and local families.

“Everywhere I go across Queensland people are telling me that they are struggling with this government’s constant price increases on essentials,” Mr Nicholls said.

“When hardworking Queensland families are finding it hard to budget and pay their water, power and car rego bills – there’s something fundamentally wrong in this great state and something’s got to give.

Mr Watts asked Tim Nicholls to visit the electorate to hear firsthand how tough things are under Labor. He said that every time Queenslanders fill up their cars, turn on the tap, flick on the lights or pay their rego they are being punished due to the economic mismanagement and poor decision making of the Bligh Labor Government.

“While Kerry Shine and Labor are focused on political distractions like a rushed bill on same-sex civil unions, the LNP team is determined to provide policies that will deliver relief from Labor’s continual cost of living increases.

“A recent Queensland Council of Social Services report also found that that close to a third of people were living close to, or below, the breadline.

“I call on Kerry Shine to declare his position on this same-sex civil union bill, and get back to talking about the real issues.

“Queenslanders want and deserve financial relief – and fewer political distractions from Labor,” Mr Watts said.

“The LNP will slash the cost of living and save average Queensland families around $250 to $330 a year through reforms to electricity and water pricing, freezing family car rego for a term and scrapping Labor’s $7000 stamp duty slug on the family home.

“Only the LNP will get Queensland back on track and deliver real cost of living relief.”

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