Our Contract with Ashgrove

The CanDo LNP team has a strong plan to change things in Queensland for the better.

Campbell Newman and the LNP have a clear plan for Ashgrove.

A CanDo LNP Government will:

  1. Grow a Four Pillar Economy, based on Tourism, Agriculture, Resources and Construction
  2. Lower the Cost of Living for Families by Cutting Waste
  3. Deliver Better Infrastructure and Better Planning
  4. Revitalise Front Line Services for Families
  5. Restore Accountability in Government

We think that fulfilling each of these five pledges is vital to ensuring the future of Ashgrove by providing real opportunities and assistance for families.

A CanDo LNP Government will deliver for Ashgrove, including:

  • Address Ashgrove’s congestion issues by encouraging public transport use and improving road connectivity
  • We will deliver a real upgrade to the intersection of Wardell Street and Samford Road that will meet the community’s needs, and upgrade traffic lights at the Irvine Street and Samford Road intersection and the Glen Retreat Road and Samford Road intersection
  • Slash Labor’s scheduled 15% public transport fare hikes by half to lower the cost of living for commuters and reward regular commuters by reintroducing discounted weekly fares on go cards
  • Double Monday to Friday off-peak daytime services on the Ferny Grove line by running a train every 15 minutes instead of every 30 so commuters can just turn up and go
  • Freeze family car registration for the first term of an LNP Government • Revitalise Brisbane’s front line health services including better access to emergency care and specialist services, and maternal and child health services
  • Assist the local Ashgrove community and sporting groups including helping the Gap’s Pastime Soccer Club install new lighting and help the GPS Rugby Club
  • Upgrades to Ashgrove State School, a new sports hall for the Gap State High School and deliver flashing lights at Newmarket State School, Bank Street and Payne Road State School

In addition, an LNP Government will deliver state-wide policies that will help local families and businesses.

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