Labor lets parents down again as Teacher-aides support limited to only minutes per week

Latest education department figures released this week by the Queensland Government, reveal teacher-aide support for Queensland Primary School students is now less than an hour a week.

State Member for Redlands Peter Dowling said the level of support was pathetic and he was struggling to understand why Labor are continuing to let down parents and families during such hard financial times.

Mr Dowling said, “It’s no surprise that some parents have been voting with their feet by not sending their children to public schools. The Labor party doesn’t plan or deliver,”

“According to the department’s own figures* Queensland primary school students from Prep through to Year 7 are now receiving support measured in minutes a week, which will not assist or help to give them a solid start to their education.”

Mr Dowling said that no government should cut corners with our children’s education. The LNP understands students need to get the basics right in the early years, unlike the lazy 20 year old Labor government.

“Labor promised support for teachers and support for students, but as usual, ALP rhetoric doesn’t reflect what’s actually been delivered to our schools.” stated Mr Dowling.

A CanDo LNP Government is committed to working with schools, principals, and parents to improve education outcomes in Queensland. It’s time for change. It’s time to get Queensland back on track.

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