Labor's failures continue to cause insecurity to Queensland

The Labor Government is a real risk to all of Queensland while Campbell Newman’s track record is one of action, the State Opposition said this week.

Peter Dowling, State Member for Redlands said, “The Premier Anna Bligh and Australia’s worst treasurer Andrew Fraser lost Queensland’s coveted AAA credit rating, the only State to lose it, and are wracking up an $85 billion debt.”

“Mr Fraser and Anna Bligh lied to Queenslanders about selling off the state’s assets and didn’t deliver on their election promise on fuel. On top of this, there is not one Minister held accountable for wasting billions of dollars in taxpayers’ hard earned funds in bungled projects like the health payroll fiasco, the recycled water panic, rusting desalination plant, the Traveston Crossing Dam and many other wasted projects.”

While the costs of living are escalating, most Queenslanders are missing out on the proceeds of the second mining boom just as the proceeds of the first mining boom were squandered.

Out of ideas and out of money, the arrogant Bligh government has nothing left but name-calling.

Mr Dowling stated, “Queensland businesses lack confidence and workers are concerned about their jobs in what is supposed to be a boom state and nothing will change if Labor is re-elected.”

A CanDo LNP Government will revitalise frontline services and bring down the cost of living by cutting waste and red tape and the only way to get rid of this tired, 20-year-old Labor Government and get Queensland back on track is to vote 1 for a CanDo LNP Government.

Labor. Not again. Not this time!

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