Labor's stupidity continues – cuts to road safety puts Queensland lives at risk!

Labor’s slashing of vital road safety programs will put Queensland lives at risk, the LNP said today.

State Member for Redlands Peter Dowling said Labor’s cut of $2 million, amounting to a quarter of the funding for road safety campaigns this financial year, was an absolute disgrace.

Mr Dowling said, “What a poor message this is during the holiday period and over Christmas from Anna Bligh, Andrew Fraser and Transport Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk? The Queensland road toll already stands at 261, up 20 on last year, and this tired 20 year Labor government has slashed funding for critical road safety programs,”

“RACQ has outlined that road safety education is vital to curbing road deaths and cuts to essential road safety programs lead to more road deaths and more carnage at this time of year. The critical messages need to be repeated and repeated, over and over again if it is to be effective.”

Mr Dowling said that every Queenslander had a right to be outraged with the tired, 20-year Labor government.

“The Labor government is still on track to spend more than $80 million in self-promoting themselves with taxpayer funded ads, while road safety funding is being slashed.”

“Treasurer Andrew Fraser, who is possibly the worst Treasurer that Queensland has ever had, is continuing to burden our state with record-breaking debt and road users including families are the victims being forced to pay for his economic mismanagement.” stated Mr Dowling.

“It’s time for a change. It’s time to get Queensland back on track.”