Why does the Year 7 transition equate to millions of dollars of tax payer dollars being wasted by Labor?

LNP Shadow Minister for Education Mr Bruce Flegg MP advised that the Labor Government have a proposal where millions of dollars will be offered now, to hundreds of State School teachers who will lose their positions in the State School sector at the end of 2014, when Year 7 transition to High School.

Mr Peter Dowling MP, State Member for Redlands said he was in total amazement and disappointed yet again at the absolute waste from Labor who are prepared to allocate $25 million dollars for up to 500 teachers to be made redundant now, a total of 36 months before the 2015 transition date.

Mr Dowling said, “The sad irony is that the redundancy packages will be offered now, while Year 7 is still in primary schools and the 500 teachers who accept the $50,000 redundancy package will leave a gap in the school system teaching positions still need to be filled over the next 3 years.”

“The proposal is that teachers who accept the redundancy package will also have a ban on ever returning to Queensland Government Schools, and will be required to take this money and possibly go into the non-government sector or some will choose to leave teaching altogether – what a tragic waste to effectively scrap 500 teachers!”

“I fear this is another total waste of tax payer funded money and that the Labor Government have not thought this proposal through to ensure that every cent is saved and budgeted accordingly, we all deserve to have the best education system for our children run by a conservative and sensible Government.” stated Mr Dowling.

A CanDo LNP Government will ensure we plan for the future of our children and stop the waste.