Liberal National Candidate says Showgrounds review should be canned

Liberal National Party Candidate for Mansfield Ian Walker has called on Sports Minister and local member Phil Reeves to abandon his review of the Mt Gravatt Showgrounds trust.

In his submission to Mr Reeves’ Department, Mr Walker said that the review was “tainted” by Mr Reeves’ hostility towards the Show Society, and its refusal to bow to Mr Reeves’ demand to include a woman as one of the Society’s representatives on the trust.

“Mr Reeves has taken umbrage at the Society’s independent streak and is now using this as an excuse to “review” the operations of the trust. It is a smokescreen for a power grab by the Minister and State Government. Mr Reeves is talking about appointing 6 of the 7 trust members. That leaves the community with no say and Anna Bligh with the lot.”

“The community is not demanding that the showgrounds operations need review. Labor is once again playing politics while the real issues facing Mansfield go begging. Mr Reeves would be better reviewing increasing water prices, power prices and flood relief failures than putting the blowtorch on the showgrounds.” Mr Walker said.

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