Walker challenges Reeves to debate

“Phil Reeves seems to have forgotten that Mansfield residents are struggling to pay their bills” LNP candidate for Mansfield Ian Walker said.

“Mr Reeves has spent his recent days in Parliament arguing against his own team over gender issues on the showground trust – and voting in support of same sex partnerships to Queensland.” Mr Walker said. The private member’s Bill introduced by Treasurer Andrew Fraser passed State Parliament Wednesday evening by a 47 to 40 margin. The LNP voted against the bill, but Phil Reeves and all but four Labor MPs voted in favour of the bill.

Mr Walker said he was amazed that these were priority issues for Mr Reeves and Labor. “How can it be that with government debt approaching $85b and with government waste pushing everyone’s cost of living sky high that Mr Reeves can go off on these tangents?” Mr Walker said.

“I’d like to challenge Phil Reeves to debate the real issues facing this electorate – let’s have a town hall style meeting at the showgrounds and get the issues that really matter out in the open.” Mr Walker said. “Let’s agree a time and a format and the people of Mansfield can come and quiz Mr Reeves and me about any issue they wish. Mansfield voters deserve to have the key issues debated – they won’t settle for distractions”