Attwood attacks a constituent for having their say

Labor MP Julie Attwood last night used her speech in support of the Civil Partnerships Bill to attack one her own constituents, and to blatantly discriminate against them on the basis of political belief, according to LNP candidate for Mount Ommaney Tarnya Smith.

“The constituent, who is the Vice President of the Queensland Branch of the Australian Family Association, and also happens to be a member of the LNP, was attacked for merely setting up a meeting with Labor’s Ms Attwood to discuss the Civil Partnerships Bill”, Mrs Smith said.

“This is yet another example of arrogance by Ms Attwood who ignores the genuine concerns of local voters, and now she has even stooped to attacking people in Parliament for being affiliated with a political party.

“Ms Attwood speech highlights the fact that Labor members only listen to those constituents who vote for the ALP.

“This is grubby politics that trashes the principles of equality and fairness – is a true reflection of the conceit and deceit of the Bligh Government.

“The Government’s Civil Partnerships Bill, and the speech by Labor’s Julie Attwood, highlight how ‘out of touch’ this government is with the electorate of Mount Ommaney.

“The Civil Partnerships Bill will do nothing to help pay off Labor’s debt, fix roads, retain hospital services, lower the cost of living, or improve police services, and yet it was regarded as so important that it had to be rushed through Parliament in the final sitting for the year.

“This Bill is really the final desperate act of an out of touch government with questionable priorities. “It is time that Labor’s Julie Attwood started listening to – and reflecting views of her constituents, and tackling the issues that really affect the people of Mount Ommaney rather than resorting to personal attacks and discrimination.

“Labor – not now, never again.”

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