Attwood: Health Minister's accomplice in health fiasco

Labor’s Julie Attwood has been asleep at the wheel to allow Queensland Health to get into such ‘dysfunctional state’, according to LNP candidate for Mount Ommaney Tarnya Smith.

“The role of the Parliamentary Secretary is to assist the Minister, in this case Labor’s Minister for Health, to oversee the Department and on her watch the Health department is being dissolved.”

“Who was watching when, according to Premier Bligh, the corporate office became so ‘dysfunctional’?”

“Who was looking at the books when $16 million went missing?”

“Who was overseeing the $220 million health payroll debacle that still hasn’t been fixed?”

“Where was the Minister? Where was Labor’s Julie Attwood, the Parliamentary Secretary?”

“If you put hand up for the big jobs and the big pay packet you should also put your hand up when things go wrong, instead we get deafening silence”

“As Labor’s representative for the electorate of Mount Ommaney I call on Julie Attwood to apologise to her constituency, maybe Canossa Hospital would have more beds if she did a better job?”

“20 years of Labor has brought the demise of the Department of Health and the Labor Government has just thrown their hands in the air and given the job to a consultant to fix.”

“Being a Parliamentary Secretary is not just about cutting ribbons and handing out awards. When a department is in disarray, somebody must be held accountable.”

“Labor’s Julie Attwood must take her share of the responsibility for the mess that Queensland Health is in.”

“Queensland Health needs a new beginning and the only way this will happen is through a change of Government.”

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