LNP Candidate Tarnya Smith releases local plan for Mount Ommaney

LNP candidate for Mount Ommaney Tarnya Smith this week released her local plan for Mount Ommaney.

“There are so many things that our community needs and they are the local projects that I will be fighting for during this election campaign,” Mrs Smith said

“The biggest issues in our area are traffic congestion, cost of living, safety at our schools and helping the community recover from the floods. I believe the projects that I am committing to fight for will go some way to help alleviate the problems that our community faces.”

“Through my local action plan, I make the pledge to the people of the Mount Ommaney electorate that I will:

  1. Fight for funding for the Sumners Road Interchange to reduce congestion and improve road safety.
  2. Fight for additional parking facilities at the Corinda Railway Station.
  3. Fight for improved road safety for local school children by installing flashing school zone lights at Oxley State School.
  4. Support local community groups by fighting for more funding for equipment, resources and facilities
  5. Save families up to $330 a year with an 8 point plan to slash the cost of living.
  6. Provide fare relief for commuters by offering free unlimited travel after 9 trips per week.
  7. Fight for more police resources and police on the beat

“I commit to the people of the Mount Ommaney electorate that these projects will be my top priority if I am elected to Parliament.”

“Mrs Smith said that “these local commitments add to the pledge that I have already made to the people of Queensland that I will:

  • Grow a four pillar economy;
  • Lower the cost of living for families by cutting waste;
  • Deliver better infrastructure and better planning;
  • Revitalise front line services for families; and
  • Restore accountability in Government.”

“Labor has failed the people of our community for two decades.

“Labor’s waste has led to higher debt which has led to higher taxes and charges and reduced services.”

“Mount Ommaney has been the forgotten electorate. Labor has failed to maintain transport infrastructure and so our local roads are congested.

Labor has failed to pay off debt and so our electricity bills, water bills, registration fees and public transport costs are rising.”

“On 24 March people have a choice, they can stay with the same old tired Labor Government or they can vote for change with a Can Do LNP Government that can get Queensland back on track.”

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