Smith condemns public transport fare spike

LNP Candidate for Mount Ommaney Tarnya Smith has today condemned the State Labor following its 15 per cent public transport fare increase announced earlier this week.

“We’ve barely welcomed in the New Year and already this tired and misguided Bligh government has burdened Queenslanders further with the imposition of higher cost of living expenses”, she said.

“Ms Bligh and her Labor colleagues have not thought this one through.

“How are the shallow hip pockets of our pensioner and concession fare holders going to manage an increase in single paper tickets of 30 cents, zone 1 go cards up 23 cents and off peak go card travel now $1.22 on top of Labor’s electricity and water bills hikes which have already forced us to dig deep?

“What about the financial burden placed upon a family theatrical outing to QPAC for example?

“Consider the potential costs for a family comprised of two adults and two teenage children leaving from Mount Ommaney Shopping Centre to the Cultural Centre, covering a 4 zone journey.

“Adult ticket pricing is reflective of $4.77 for go card during peak, $3.82 for go card off-peak and $7 square for a single paper ticket and concession at $2.39 for go card during peak, $1.91 for go card off-peak and paper ticketing at $3.50, one way.

“This detrimental move by the Labor government will see an increase in the utilisation of paid parking services and further plummets in public transport patronage which dropped by 700,000 between July and November 2011 alone.

“As the incumbent Member for Mount Ommaney, these are the questions Mrs Attwood should be asking her colleagues in representation of her constituents.

“If elected to represent the people of Mount Ommaney I will provide a voice on the issues important to the community and as part of a unified LNP government, will lessen the burden by providing free go card trips after nine weekly journeys, a revival of a weekly ticket discount.”

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