Labor’s Carbon Tax delivers another whack for families, small businesses and self-funded retirees in the Morayfield Electorate

Hundreds of families, self-funded retirees and small businesses in Morayfield, Burpengary, Narangba and Caboolture will cop the brunt of the Labor/Greens toxic carbon tax Darren Grimwade, LNP Candidate for Morayfield said today.

“In the first year of the carbon tax, electricity will rise by 10%, gas by 9% and the overall cost of living will jump by $515 per household. These spikes are on top of recent figures which show that Queenslanders are paying an extra 63% in electricity, gas and water prices, 23% extra on groceries and almost 50% more in public transport costs compared with five years ago.

“As the Productivity Commission recently noted, no other country in the world has an economy wide carbon price, yet this tax has been concocted to ensure the Greens continue to support Julia Gillard’s tenuous grip on power, all for no measurable increase in environmental benefits.

“Does State Labor MP Mark Ryan, believe that a policeman and a nurse, earning $70,000 a year with one dependent child deserve to be $230 a year worse off?

“Or a single income family earning $65,000 a year with one dependent child deserve to be worse off?” Darren Grimwade said.

Darren Grimwade said self-funded retirees will also be unfairly hit by the tax and receive little or no compensation. A single self-funded retiree on an income of $50,000 a year will not receive cost of living assistance.

Local small businesses will take a massive hit from the tax due to increased electricity prices and in many cases have to fully absorb these costs to protect their customer base- which may result in job losses.

This carbon tax is yet another tax grab from a desperate and economically reckless government- only this times it’s dressed up in a koala suit. Time and time again, both State and Federal Labor prove they can’t manage the economy and they can’t manage taxpayers’ money.

Mark Ryan’s silence on the impact of the carbon tax has been deafening. Now is his chance to stand up for families, small businesses and self funded retirees and urge Anna Bligh to reject the carbon tax on behalf of all Queenslanders.

Failure to do so will devastate Queensland’s economy, send many small businesses to the wall and see families struggle even more to make ends meet.

The CanDo LNP team is totally opposed to this job destroying and corrosive tax. We will fight for Queensland to protect jobs, cut waste and deliver better cost of living outcomes.

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