A Mirage of Empty Promises of False Hope

The LNP candidate for Mulgrave, Robyn Quick, has blasted the latest “draft” health plan for a southern health precinct announced recently by Labor Member for Mulgrave, Curtis Pitt, as a mirage of empty promises and false hope which contains no funding and a 14 year time frame.

“Before the last election, this Bligh Labor government promised a new hospital with the proceeds from the sale of the Cairns Airport, proceeds which have now been spent elsewhere. The “new draft plan” for 2012 to 2026 includes the recommendation of the “development of a new hospital on the Edmonton Health Precinct site”, but does not specify any timeline in the proposed time frame,” Mrs Quick said.

“There is no detail or accompanying documentation which provides any sense of urgency in order to meet community demand.”

“Therefore, why would anyone take this latest announcement seriously?” Mrs Quick said.

Mrs Quick said that the upgrade of the Cairns Base Hospital continued despite being in an unsafe location with completion dates not due until the end of 2015.

“I am also led to believe that the land which has been “purchased” for the Edmonton Health precinct has not been paid for in spite of being compulsorily acquired some 12 months ago.”

“We find out that Cairns Base Hospital has to find $11million in budget cuts whilst, at the same time, that senior medical staff are calling for increased funding and reclassification into a higher funding level.”

“We know that more than $220 million has been wasted on the health payroll debacle. We know that the Bligh Labor government has racked up an $85 billion debt,” Mrs Quick said.

“So where is the money coming from?”

“An LNP Campbell Newman led government will revitalise health services and restore accountability to government,” Mrs Quick said.

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