Bruce Highway fast track high farce

Labor Main Roads Minister, Craig Wallace’s catch up plan to improve some sections of the Bruce Highway is unravelling as locals demand action, LNP candidate for Mulgrave, Robyn Quick said today.

Mrs Quick slammed the inaction of the Bligh Labor government and its unwillingness to act to improve the highway.

“The Minister, Craig Wallace did not include any new local proposals in his recent announcements about the Bruce Highway for what the RACQ has continually described as one of the worst and most dangerous sections of the Bruce Highway in Queensland,” Mrs Quick said.

“The Ray Jones intersection upgrade which was announced in 2007 is yet to see the light of day,” Mrs Quick said.

“It defies all logic and any knowledge of past history when the local Labor member for Mulgrave, Curtis Pitt, is quoted as saying he is going to “lead the charge” to address the Wright’s Creek Bridge,” Mrs Quick said.

“In the two and a half years that the member for Mulgrave has been in office, and the term of the previous Labor member, Warren Pitt, who was also the former Minister for Main Roads, there has been absolutely no progress on the Bruce Highway upgrade. If Curtis Pitt has the ear of the present Minister, which he claims, and understood the urgent priority and need for safety and congestion upgrades, we would have had action by now,” Mrs Quick said.

“This is all pie in the sky stuff,” Mrs Quick said.

“There are no plans for a start on improvements from Sheehy Rd to the south because the state government keeps pushing out time frames into the never never,” Mrs Quick said.

“As coordinator of the Southern Corridor Action Group, I have been involved in publicly advocating for an acceptable and necessary upgrade for the highway from Innisfail to Cairns for the past three years, as well as proposing a second access into the city and the use of the rail corridor for commuter transport in order to address present and future transport needs,” Mrs Quick said.

“I find it astonishing that the Member for Mulgrave treats the public with such disdain as to think they have forgotten about all the upheavals in people’s lives when he supported the resumption and demolition of 400 homes and businesses in the southern corridor, which was his government’s, now abandoned, response,” Mrs Quick said.