It's time for a change in Mulgrave and to get Queensland back on track

Reducing cost of living pressures for local families in Mulgrave and ensuring a strong four pillar economy to provide local jobs now and into the future are the key election issues for our community and to get Queensland back on track, LNP candidate for Mulgrave, Robyn Quick said today.

“The March 24 election offers a clear choice for local residents. A choice between more of the same deception, spin and wasted money we’ve had from 20 years of Labor or an energetic and focussed LNP team committed to getting Queensland back on track,” Mrs Quick said.

“Everywhere I go, people tell me they have had enough of Labor’s constant raid on their wallets. Local residents can’t keep bailing out this broke Labor government through paying increased taxes and charges for basic services and utilities.

“Families have suffered hit after hit and just can’t afford another three years of a Bligh Labor government. Our unemployment rate is one of the highest of the mainland states, Labor has lost our AAA credit rating and racked up almost $85 billion in debt.

“I want to be a part of Campbell Newman’s LNP team that will bring accountability, better planning and more frontline health, education, police and community services to Queensland communities,” Mrs Quick said.

Mrs Quick said Premier Anna Bligh and local Labor MP Curtis Pitt, think they can con local residents into forgetting Labor’s litany of broken promises, lies and trickery but Labor have run out of time and run out of ideas.

“Time is up for more talk from Labor. It’s time for action. The LNP will bring action to improve our roads, action to improve access to doctors and nurses through decent healthcare, action to reduce crime, action to improve standards in our schools, action on cost of living and ever-increasing bills and taxes.

“Locally I will be fighting for:

  • Urgent upgrading of the Bruce Highway between Innisfail and Cairns
  • Improved Health services across Innisfail, Babinda, Gordonvale, Yarrabah and Edmonton
  • Better public transport, particularly from smaller communities, and
  • More police and a stronger justice system to deal with crime in our region.

“Only a Campbell Newman led LNP government will get Queensland back on track and the only way for that to happen is for residents to vote 1 for their local LNP candidate on March 24,” Mrs Quick said.

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