Labor again engaging in political sleight of hand

Today, the present Minister for Main Roads has announced, in Townsville, that Labor has produced a “20 Year Plan” to fix the Bruce Highway; but they’re asking us to forget the past 20 years, LNP candidate for Mulgrave, Robyn Quick said today.

“Member for Mulgrave, Curtis Pitt, in his muted commentary (TCP 12/7), should have been asking the hard questions, rather than engaging in a blaze of buzz words that meant absolutely nothing to the people who use the Bruce Highway.”

“Perhaps he could have put the hard word on the present Minister to explain why many parts of the Bruce Highway remain a goat track after 20 years of Labor, or perhaps he could have admitted that the previous Minister and also previous Member for Mulgrave, Warren Pitt, had failed in his job,” Mrs Quick said.

“For three years and more now, I’ve been pushing the envelope on the Bruce Highway, and for three years and more I’ve been ignored by a tired and out of touch Labor Government.”

“Well today’s announcement by Labor entirely vindicates my long held stance. The only thing now, is that we have massive cost increases introduced due to Labor’s Carbon Tax,” Mrs Quick said.

“The Bligh Government’s Bruce Highway Master Plan is now full of potholes due to the massive impact Labor’s carbon tax will have on road construction costs. Labor will need to fleece taxpayers millions of extra dollars just to maintain its existing road program – the alternative is that it will have to cut back on promised projects,” said Mrs Quick said.

Mrs Quick said that whilst the Federal Labor Government says it will spend more than $8.6bn on roads between 2011 and 2015 – it will now deliver LESS bitumen on FEWER roads thanks to the carbon tax

“Also, I’ve been informed that local councils will need an additional $17.5m per year (or 5%) to maintain the Roads to Recovery program just to achieve the same results.” (R2R is currently a $350m per year program).

“It now looks like the recently distributed People Power Petition, released by LNP Parliamentary Leader, Jeff Seeney, demanding the Federal and State Labor Governments ‘stop the words and start with the deeds’, to use the Prime Minister’s own words, is having a real impact, Mrs Quick said.

“Although now our Bruce Highway is going to cost more to fix because Labor’s carbon tax has made the materials needed and construction costs so much more expensive.”

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