Bennett maps out Burnett's role in getting Queensland back on track

Communities and industries throughout the Burnett will flourish under an LNP government according to candidate Stephen Bennett, who outlined his vision for the region today.

“Our area plays a critical role in the prosperity of this State and indeed this nation, with our quality agricultural produce, world-class manufacturers, unique tourist attractions and dynamic businesses,” he said.

“All of these sectors deserve proper support and investment from the State level, and under an LNP government that will happen.”

Mr Bennett said the LNP was the only party with a plan to boost productivity and services in regional areas, which includes the creation of a stand-alone agriculture department.

“Our local primary producers inject billions of dollars and thousands of jobs into the region, as well as the wider Queensland economy and their contribution, as well as their potential, will be recognised by the creation of a dedicated department.

“This department will give agriculture a leading role in building a four pillar economy to get Queensland back on track.”

Mr Bennett said the LNP had also delivered strategies for property and construction, tourism and resources sectors, and was committed to cutting unemployment down to four per cent.

“We will double the patient travel and accommodation subsidies to help Queenslanders access proper healthcare no matter where they live.

“Our Royalties for Regions program will also deliver services in the bush, such as the Roads to Resources program which will ensure strategic road projects are actually delivered in the communities with resource industries where they are most needed.

“We will also invest in and support the infrastructure needs which this tired, 20-year-old Labor government has continually ignored.”

Mr Bennett said the LNP’s floodplain security program, which will be detailed in coming weeks, would offer hope to flood-prone communities.

“It’s simply about real action and real flood security for regional communities, including ours.

“We will put a realistic plan on the table that will allow us to go to the Commonwealth and to local government with a funding model to help provide localised flood mitigation programs.

“The LNP have lots more planned for regional Queensland. We are ready to deliver change – we have worked hard to put together policies to save you money and deliver more by getting action on the basics, cutting waste and building a stronger, four pillar economy.

“For too long, the people of the bush have been forgotten, even forsaken by Labor.

“It’s time for a change, it’s time to get Queensland back on track.”