Flood heroes deserve praise, not publicity stunts

The LNP has called on the Premier to stop and actually listen to locals as she flies around Queensland using flood heroes for publicity purposes at disaster ceremonies.

LNP candidate for Burnett Stephen Bennett praised the work of medal recipients recognised at last night’s ceremony in Bundaberg, but condemned the Premier for her failure to get flood recovery funds out where they were needed.

“There’s no doubt that every single person who received a medal deserves our accolades, appreciation and praise. During the region’s darkest hour, they were the hardworking heroes who helped keep our families, facilities and businesses safe,” Mr Bennett said.

“However, the bigger picture shows people left in limbo by a Premier too busy posing for photos to get flood recovery funds out in a timely manner.”

Mr Bennett said local flooding victims were entitled to wonder if the Premier was more concerned with rebuilding her battered political reputation rather than rebuilding people’s homes and lives.

“We have seen local examples where people have had to carry out their own repair works while they wait for support – how much longer will these people have to wait until their life starts getting better?

“I am simply calling on the Premier to do her job, fulfil her promises and get funds to the people who need them most. It would be a refreshing change for a government notorious for its bureaucratic bottlenecks, its lack of planning and its pitiful service delivery.

“In contrast, the CanDo LNP team is committed to getting Queenslanders back on their feet as quickly as possible.”

LNP Leader Campbell Newman echoed Mr Bennett’s call, saying people were losing patience with the mismanagement of the Premier’s Disaster Fund.

“Everywhere I go I hear the frustration and anger from people whose lives have been put under enormous stress because of government delays,” Mr Newman said.

“It has been 163 days since the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal was launched but far too many struggling disaster victims are still not seeing any relief,” he said.

“These people are sick of Labor’s excuses, and it makes my blood boil watching the way this lazy and arrogant government ignores the chorus of desperate pleas and complaints.”

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