Letter to the Editor – Youth Crime

An LNP government will help break the cycle of youth crime and detention by getting more police into schools and trialling a Youth Boot Camp Diversion Program.

This is great news for our communities, which have seen an upswing in juvenile crime activities in recent years.

The LNP’s Youth Boot Camp Diversion Program will target offenders at risk of falling into more serious crime. Our trial boot camp will involve juveniles convicted of offences who would otherwise face custodial offences, with offenders diverted into an intensive three-month program.

It will provide structured training, mentoring and support for 80 young offenders who would otherwise go to detention.

Many people want to see this sort of program put in place because it gives juvenile offenders a sense of purpose and direction and a chance to turn their lives around. It will also give courts another option when it comes to sentencing juveniles.

An LNP government will also boost the number of police in schools.

We will revive school and community based policing by working with schools, P&Cs and communities, and by delivering 15 more school and community based police across Queensland.

Within three years 50 schools will have school and community based police.

The LNP will also establish an ‘Adopt a School’ program that connects local police to local schools where there is no permanent school based police officer.

The LNP will crack down on the worst of our young criminals, which will include expanding the naming and shaming laws, but we also believe that, wherever possible, we should try to intercept and intervene before crime becomes a problem at the community level.

That means working with our youth to stop them running off the rails in the first place. Increasing the number of police in schools and operating a Youth Boot Camp Diversion program will do just that.

Stephen Bennett
LNP Candidate for Burnett