LNP to get Agnes Waters tourism back on track

LNP candidate for Burnett, Stephen Bennett has welcomed the LNP’s plan to help get the Discovery Coast’s tourism back on track to lock in benefits to our local economy, support our tourism operators and create more local jobs into the future.

Mr Bennett said local tourism and employment opportunities could be boosted through proper planning and a genuine commitment from government to support the local tourism industry.

The CanDo LNP Tourism Strategy: The LNP’s plan for returning Queensland’s Tourism industry to Number 1 was launched today by Campbell Newman and includes commitments to:

o Establish an industry first response to provide immediate steps to assist tourism operators.

o Establish a 2020 Growth Target to increase overnight visitor expenditure in Queensland to $30 billion by 2020.

o Establishing the DestinationQ partnership in the first year of an LNP Government. This partnership will bring together key ministers, departments, local governments, Tourism Queensland, RTOs and industry associations and operators in a forum to work together on achieving the National 2020 Growth Target.

o Facilitate new infrastructure and investment.

“Labor has whacked our local tourism operators with punishing red tape, increased taxes and charges at a time when the industry can least afford it,” Mr Bennett said.

“Ten years ago there were 150,000 Queenslanders working in tourism- under Labor today this figure has fallen to just 118,000 people.

“This is clearly an indictment on Labor’s failed tourism policies and shows they have dropped the ball in ensuring our local kids have a chance at a job in tourism in the future and our local region has a sustainable tourism industry.”

Mr Bennett said the LNP’s plan had come about because the industry was crying out for help.

“The LNP believes Discovery Coast Tourist operators can help re-establish Queensland as one of the world’s premier tourism destinations through good planning, which will encourage the industry to grow and flourish,” Mr Bennett said.

“Our plan will of course also help ensure the success of the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast in 2018, an event all our regional tourism markets can benefit from.

“The LNP’s plan is great news for our local tourism sector, tourism operators and all those who rely on a strong, vibrant tourism industry in our local region.”

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