After 20 years in power, Labor wants to check jail terms for sex predators

LABOR’S new found interest in tougher jail terms for dangerous sex offenders was an insult to victims, their families and wider the Queensland community, the LNP said today.

Shadow Attorney-General Jarrod Bleije said Labor’s Deputy-Leader Paul Lucas was a disgrace and his review of jail terms announced today was a sham.

“Paul Lucas and Labor have been in power for 20 of the past 22 years and only now are interested in toughening-up jail terms for dangerous sex offenders,” Mr Bleijie said.

“He and his party are a joke. No one should take Paul Lucas and his new found concern seriously.

“Paul Lucas and Labor have ignored complaint after complaint from victims and their families. They’ve ignored requests from victim support groups such as Bravehearts and they’ve attacked the Opposition every time we’ve called for tougher penalties.

“Paul Lucas is the man who refused to take responsibility for the health payroll disaster and now he’s handing responsibility for sex offender jail terms to an advisory council to report back next year.

“He and his government are a joke.

“After 20 years in power he now expects us to wait for another report when everyone knows that Labor has been soft on sex offenders and has only recently back-flipped after pressure from the LNP on GPS tracking for dangerous offenders released back into the community.

“The CanDo LNP team will stand up for children and their families. We will ensure dangerous sex predators undergo proper rehabilitation if they are to be released.”

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