Queensland hit by billion dollar carbon slug

The Bligh government has been forced to confess there’ll be a near billion dollar hit on state finances over the next three years from the Gillard/Greens carbon tax.

LNP Shadow Minister for Energy Steve Dickson said the Bligh government’s mid-year budget update exposed $883 million shortfall from government-owned corporations out to 2014/15 as a result of the cost of the carbon tax.

Mr Dickson said parallel to this, the Bligh government admitted that an extra $100 million a year would be needed to help government agencies meet the start-up and on-going costs of the carbon tax.

“It’s a massive billion dollar hit on the state’s bottom line,” Mr Dickson said.

“This job-destroying tax will severely limit delivery of improved frontline health, education, and community services.

“Shamefully, this is happening at a time when so much needs to be done to improve hospital and education services, to build the huge backlog of infrastructure – roads, hospitals, schools.

“All ALP state members and candidates have enthusiastically supported this tax that will strip our state finances of a billion dollars.”

Mr Dickson said the state-owned Stanwell Power Station’s book value had been written down by $162.4 million, and CS Energy by $541.2 million.

“The Premier and Treasurer can no longer brush aside the horrendous financial impact on our state economy.

“What we really need is for the Premier and the Treasurer to explain to Queensland families exactly where the money for this billion dollar hit is going to come from.

“Taxpayers have reason to be worried that this billion dollar tax slug will be passed on – and further forcing up the cost of living,” Mr Dickson said.

“A CanDo LNP government will continue to oppose Labor’s job destroying carbon tax.

“It’s time for a change. It’s time to get Queensland back on track.”

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