Still something fishy about Gladstone Harbour

The State Opposition slammed the Bligh government for its tardiness and inaction over the diseased fish crisis in Gladstone Harbour.

“It’s been more than 200 days since the first reports of diseased fish, but this tired, 20-year-old Labor government had to be dragged kicking and screaming to undertake a scientific report,” LNP Shadow Fisheries Minister Mark Robinson said.

“But, even the government report released yesterday has nothing in terms of answers and solutions.”

Mr Robinson called on the government to immediately start more expansive tests to get to the bottom of the issue because it was hurting Gladstone’s fishermen, residents and economy.

“Fisheries Minister Craig Wallace has come under fire from local fishermen for failing to investigate the diseased fish until his hand was forced. But, while the government continues to claim there’s not a problem – Gladstone small businesses are closing, and locals are losing their livelihoods.

“Local fishermen are right to be angry. They believe there is something extremely fishy about the long-running harbour crisis.

“The latest inconclusive report will mean this issue isn’t going to go away.

“The government needs to take the panel’s recommendations on board and ensure further testing is carried out to finally deliver conclusive answers to this disaster.

“The time for political pussy-footing around is over, it’s taken too long for this tired, 20-year-old government to act and it’s time to get on with the real testing.

“It’s time for change. It’s time to get Queensland back on track.”

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