Labor's Budget: blows the myth on cyclone shelters

Today’s budget shows the Bligh Government has finally allocated funding for cyclone shelters which was first announced by Peter Beattie in 2006 following Cyclone Larry.

Shadow Minister for Government Services, Building Industry and ICT Ros Bates said Labor had again failed Queenslanders with its ‘too-little-too-late’ approach to safety for residents living in cyclone areas.

“After five years of excuses and delays there is finally a commitment to build cyclone shelters – $60 million in total, with $30 million allocated this year,” Ms Bates said.

“The Premier was shamed into this announcement today following the generosity of the Abu Dhabi Government which pledged $30 million for cyclone shelters after Cyclone Yasi hit the far north.

“The Bligh government’s continued record of gross economic mismanagement and failure to plan for our future meant many Queenslanders were left without adequate shelter during cyclones for the past five years, and only now, in the lead up to an election, is their safety considered.”

“Labor’s $85 billion debt means an interest bill for Queensland taxpayers of $5 billion a year, which equates to about $100 million a week and $595,000 an hour.

“Only a CanDo LNP government will save Queenslanders money and deliver more services to far north Queensland by delivering much needed services now, not after a natural disaster has occurred.”

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