Bligh deception on wait times

Anna Bligh today falsely claimed Queensland hospital emergency waiting times are right up with the best in Australia – despite the Productivity Commission revealing Queensland lags behind the national average.

Shadow Health Minister Mark McArdle said it was another example of Anna Bligh deliberately misleading Queenslanders over her appalling mismanagement of the public hospital system.

“The truth is one-third of Queenslanders can’t get access to emergency treatment on time, with strained emergency departments on bypass and ambulances spending wasted hours ramping,” Mr McArdle said.

“Labor has had 20 years but they remain in denial about the problems of access to emergency care and the waiting list for the waiting list.

“After 20 years Labor’s a broken record. The song is always the same: Distractions, broken promises, scandals and waste.

“If they won’t accept the truth that Queensland lags behind the nation’s average when it comes to patients getting access to emergency treatment, they will never be able to fix the problem.

“Nothing Anna Bligh says has any basis when it comes to what’s really happening at the front line of our hospital system.

“When Ms Bligh claims Labor has the shortest elective surgery waiting times, she fails to admit there are over 220,000 patients waiting to get on the elective surgery waiting list.

“When Ms Bligh claims Queensland’s emergency waiting times are right up with the best, she is at odds with the Productivity Commission’s independent report.”

Mr McArdle said the Bligh government wasted $220 million on their broken Health payroll system, and let an alleged $16 million walk out the door despite being warned about fraud risks, Queenslanders are missing out on access to health services.

“You can’t revitalise front line health services without a change of Government.

“It’s time for change. It’s time to get Queensland back on track,” Mr McArdle said.

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