Secretive minister hides bad news

The explosive allegation Bligh government Health Minister Geoff Wilson may have deliberately withheld Right To Information documents to avoid bad press is another reason he must be sacked, the State Opposition said today.

Shadow Health Minister Mark McArdle said Queensland patients, their families and frontline health staff can have absolutely no confidence in Minister Wilson after the claim of more Labor dishonesty and deceit.

“Is it any wonder Queenslanders have no trust in the Bligh government when another cagey and calculating Minister has been caught seeking to protect their own skin – and ignoring the interests of taxpayers,” said Mr McArdle.

“Patients still aren’t getting access to services, doctors and nurses feel frustrated and ignored, and the health payroll system is still a fiasco.

“Even the Bligh Government’s 600+ spin doctors can’t spin community confidence in this tired 20 year old Labor government.”

Mr McArdle said the RTI allegation also made a laughing stock of the Premier and her pathetic claim in 2008 she had the most open government in the country.

“Geoff Wilson’s disastrous 333 days in the job has set a new low for government administration in Australia. It is a litany of incompetence.

  • The alleged swindling of $16 million by a fraudulent public servant claiming to be a Prince;
  • Convicted criminals caught working within Queensland Health;
  • The new Queensland Children’s Hospital which has blown out from $700 million to $1.5 billion for an extra 16 beds;
  • The Sunshine Coast University Hospital which has also blown out from $500 million to $2 billion with not a single brick yet laid;
  • The Gold Coast new University Hospital which is already $210 million over budget;
  • The health payroll system which is costing $220 million to fix.

“Queenslanders deserve change and they deserve truth and honesty from governments,” said Mr McArdle.

“You can’t change the bad culture in Queensland Health if you won’t start at the top and hold this Minister to account.

“The LNP will revitalise frontline health services for Queensland families.

“It’s time for a change. It’s time to Queensland back on track.

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