Minister misleads on apprenticeship completion rates

Labor’s Stirling Hinchliffe has been caught red-handed making false and bloated claims on apprenticeship and trainee completion rates in Queensland.

LNP Shadow Minister for Industrial Relations & Employment Skills Ted Malone said Labor’s Employment and Skills Minister was on record* claiming Queensland had the “highest apprenticeship and traineeship completion rates in the country” of “around 75 per cent”.

“On any measure the Minister’s claim is misleading and bloated,” Mr Malone said.

“Mr Hinchliffe is claiming a completion rate that’s achieved nowhere, certainly not in Queensland, and indeed nowhere else in Australia.

“Sadly, he’s making false claims because on the basic measures, Labor has failed apprenticeship training. It has failed industry, employers, families and young Queenslanders.”

Mr Malone said the irrefutable figures from the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) showed completion rates for trade apprentices nationally was 56.4 per cent and 58.1 per cent for Queensland in 2009/10 – 17 per cent under what the Minister was claiming.

“Sure, we’re in election mode, but that hardly excuses false and misleading claims, especially bloated claims about our apprenticeship completion rates.

“Trades and skills training is a critical area where Queensland has been lagging behind, not just in raw numbers, but also in completion rates and Mr Hinchliffe knows this.

“It’s a real shame the Minister refuses to admit that apprenticeship training has gone backwards on virtually all key measures and that’s why he refuses to release the full report of the Queensland Post Secondary Education Training and Review (QPET) report covering recommended reforms to TAFEs.

“Our TAFEs play a critical role in developing the future skills for Queensland and this tired Government has treated our TAFE teachers and administrators with contempt for too many years.

“Mr Hinchliffe and his hand-picked QPET Ministerial Taskforce are playing politics with this vital issue – they’ve been sitting on the report and its recommendations while trying to do a snow job on industry leaders, employers and young Queenslanders hoping to learn a trade,” Mr Malone said.

“The CanDo LNP team is committed to growing a four pillar economy that will benefit all Queenslanders.”


Trade apprenticeship completion rates 2009/10
Source NCVER – item 2403 – completion and attrition rates for apprentices and trainees 2010

WA 64.2%
SA 59.1%
QLD 58.1%
NSW 55.5%
VIC 51.7%
National 56.4%


*Ministerial Media Statement – Stirling Hinchliffe – 16 November 2011

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