No one fooled by Bligh's spin on Bruce Highway

No one was fooled by Anna Bligh and her spin-doctors rolling through Townsville today attempting to blame-shift on their Bruce Highway failure.

LNP Parliamentary Leader and Shadow Minister for State Development, Infrastructure, Planning and Reconstruction Jeff Seeney said while Anna Bligh worked on campaign lines in her personal jet, North Queensland motorists knew the truth about the Bruce Highway.

“Queenslanders have suffered two decades of inaction from long-term Labor and as we head to an election, all the Bligh government has produced is a rushed infrastructure plan, but with no detail on how to fund any of it,” Mr Seeney said.

“Anna Bligh and her Roads Minister and Member for Townsville Craig Wallace continue to treat the people of North Queensland as mugs.

“Labor, not the LNP has been in power for 20 years, and the people of North Queensland are sick of the spin and failure of Anna Bligh and her long-term Labor government to fix the Bruce.

“Labor’s had years in power, years to plan, years to budget, years to deliver. But all they’ve done is waste billions on Traveston and the failed southeast water grid and hundreds of millions on the health payroll disaster.

“Only the LNP will deliver the infrastructure Queensland needs – through proper planning, financing and management to build schools, hospitals, police stations and roads.

“On winning government, the LNP will produce a detailed plan to fix the Bruce. We’ll use the best engineering expertise available and we’ll budget and prioritise work and get on with the job of fixing our most important transport link.

“The CanDo team will take a fresh approach to deliver real dividends to Queenslanders.

“It’s time for change. It’s time to get Queensland back on track.”

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