Labor's lack of planning for the future created mining mess

LNP Leader Campbell Newman today panned the Bligh government for the controversy and confusion it has created over the CSG industry.

“Despite being at the controls of Government in Queensland for 20 years, Labor has again failed to plan for growth in our mining and resources industries,” said Mr Newman.

“Labor has let Queensland’s farmers down and it hasn’t helped planning in the mining sector either.

“Gas has been under development in this state for 15 years, but the Labor Government did nothing to manage its impacts and plan for its growth and now it has turned into a real dog’s breakfast.

“Because of the Bligh Government’s reckless spending and poor financial mismanagement, Queensland’s debt has skyrocketed, small business and tourism is in the doldrums and Labor is locked into a desperate dash for cash.

“They need the money and so they let the gas boom escalate totally uncontrolled – and, that’s breeding uncertainty and distrust in many rural communities.

“My LNP team and I have visited farm areas across the state including the Darling Downs and the Golden Triangle to gain a better understanding of farming and mining concerns and have developed a comprehensive discussion paper,” Mr Newman said.

“There is no silver bullet to this mess, but the LNP is committed to fixing the problem. Committed to striking the right balance – because the LNP knows agriculture and mining are important pillars in our plan to build a better future for Queensland.

“We will, absolutely, look to inject more fairness into negotiations between farmers and the resources sector.

“Our CanDo LNP team will establish a Gasfields Land and Water Commission to manage the co-existence of rural landholders, regional communities and the CSG industry.

“The LNP will take the fight right up to the government – Labor needs to held accountable for letting this debate get out of control.

“There is no clearer example of how this Labor Government hasn’t been planning for the future and how it fails to act until things get out of hand”

“The only party which can deliver change, and certainty, is the CanDo LNP team,” Mr Newman said.

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