Labor's lost opportunity on Wivenhoe dam

No-one believed Labor anymore, especially on water, and especially on Wivenhoe and Rachel Nolan’s attempt to re-write history on raising the dam wall.

Opposition Deputy-Leader and Shadow Treasurer Tim Nicholls said Rachel Nolan’s claim today the cost of raising the dam wall two metres could run to $830 million stood in stark contrast to Labor’s own 2007 SEQ Water report that put the cost at just $63 million.

“Rachel Nolan and this long-term Labor government are playing taxpayers and the people of south-east Queensland for mugs,” Mr Nicholls said.

“The SEQ report Provision of Contingency Storage in Wivenhoe & Somerset Dams (March 2007)*was a comprehensive, 99-page report that recommended further investigation of the two metre raising because it could ‘be achieved with minimal capital costs’

“The same report stated a four-metre raising would cost in the order of $138 million – a sixth of the cost of the proposal from Rachel Nolan today.

“This is especially true for water and for the south-east water grid and for Wivenhoe.

“Labor has blown billions of dollars in a panic on their failed water grid and the mothballed Tugun desal plant – dams with no pipes, and pipes with no dams.

“Who could forget Labor’s panicked announcement of the Traveston Dam after the then Premier’s quick helicopter flight over the Mary Valley when he didn’t even land – a bungled project that has subsequently cost taxpayers over $600 million for no dam.

“This is a government that has proved time after time how totally incapable it is of planning and managing infrastructure delivery – no matter whether it be roads and the Bruce and Warrego Highways, hospitals, schools or water infrastructure.

“Apparently the price of Labor’s failure to plan for raising the Wivenhoe is in the order of $700 million, plus lost opportunity.’

“No government has wasted more and done less.

“It’s time for change. It’s time get Queensland back on track.”

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