LNP will break the cycle of youth crime

The LNP today pledged to help break the cycle of youth crime and detention by delivering extra school and community based police and trialling a Youth Boot Camp Diversion Program.

LNP Leader Campbell Newman said the LNP’s Youth Boot Camp Diversion Program would target offenders at risk of falling into more serious crime.

In addition, boosting the number of police in our schools will help prevent crime through the development of positive partnerships between police, students and the broader school community.

“While the LNP will be tough on the worst of our young criminals, including by expanding the naming and shaming laws, we also believe that, where possible, we should try to intercept and intervene before crime becomes a problem at the community level by working with our youth to stop them falling off the tracks,” Mr Newman said.

“Under this tired 20 year Labor government, youth crime has spun out of control and the numbers of police in our schools has stalled. An LNP government will revive school and community based policing and work with schools, P&Cs and communities to deliver 15 more school and community based police across Queensland, almost a 50 per cent increase.

“Within three years 50 schools will have school and community based police.

“The LNP will also establish an ‘Adopt a School’ program that connects local police to local schools where there is no permanent school based police officer.

“The LNP is determined to make our streets and schools safer to deliver a real future for troubled young people who might find themselves caught in a revolving door of crime and detention,” Mr Newman said.

“We are determined to tackle youth crime by giving young people genuine opportunity to learn values, respect for others and to take responsibility for their behaviour and their future.

“We want to change the culture and reduce the numbers of repeat offenders.

“We will introduce a trial boot camp for juveniles convicted of offences who would otherwise face custodial offences.

“The offenders will be diverted into an intensive three-month program,” Mr Newman said.

Mr Newman said the boot camp trial would deliver structured training, mentoring and support for 80 young offenders who would otherwise go to detention and the budget for the program was $2 million over two years.

“This initiative will offer purpose and direction for those willing to take up this opportunity and change their future.

He said the LNP would create a sentencing option for courts to provide juvenile offenders with the option to go to boot camp.

“We need to change Labor’s current revolving door approach that keeps sending repeat offenders off to detention centres which are more akin to colleges of crime than real centres for rehabilitation,” Mr Newman said.

“The LNP will adopt a whole-of-family approach and work with at-risk juvenile offenders to break the crime cycle through rehabilitation and follow-up mentoring and supervision.

“Together, we can make our streets and school communities safer and offer a genuine alternative to a life of crime.

“It’s time for a change. It’s time to get Queensland back on track.”


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