LNP will put the brakes on hoons

A CanDo LNP Government will crackdown on illegal street racing and hooning by introducing the strictest anti-hooning laws in the nation.

LNP Leader Campbell Newman said the LNP was committed to ensuring Queensland families were safe in their communities through the LNP’s Safer Streets Crime Action Plan.

“Illegal street racing and activities such as burn-outs, donuts, drifting, and unnecessary speed or acceleration are collectively known as hooning,” Mr Newman said.

“These activities are highly dangerous to other road users, as well as those inside the offending car. It also is highly disruptive to local families and businesses.

“The LNP will crackdown on hoons by introducing the toughest hooning laws in the nation.

“Under our anti-hooning laws will be the equal toughest in the nation, with cars clamped and the off the road for three months for a first hooning offence, and forfeited and sold or crushed for any subsequent offence within the next five years.

“Under this tired, 20-year Labor government, hoons only have their cars impounded for 48 hours – when a recent study found a 48-hour impoundment was not a genuine deterrent, with comments such as ‘I don’t think it’s too bad.’

“The LNP will ensure residents in local communities can report hooning so action can be taken. The LNP proposed the HOONWatch hotline, and through strong advocacy this important line was established – and we’ll continue to support the hotline.”

Mr Newman said the tired, 20-year Labor government had failed to tackle hooning – instead sitting back and doing little or nothing for years.

“Bligh Labor’s anti-hooning laws are some of the weakest in Australia – as consistently highlighted by police, community leaders and the LNP.

“It’s time for a change. With your help a strong and united LNP Government will get Queensland back on track.”


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