Only the LNP can restore balance on resource development

LNP Shadow Treasurer Tim Nicholls said today that Bligh Labor has dismally failed Queenslanders on resources, and the LNP is the only party that can and will fix the problems they’ve created.

“The tired, 20-year Labor Government has failed miserably. They’ve ignored community and landholder concerns, and they’ve let resources industries get ahead of them,” Mr Nicholls said.

“The LNP represents the people who are affected by CSG development in Queensland, and they can rest assured that we’ll fix the problems if we win the election on 24 March.

“The LNP is very sympathetic to Queenslanders’ concerns about landholder negotiation issues, water security and protection of the environment.

“But we won’t support a foreign funded, radical green plan to shut down Queensland’s valuable resources export industries, at the cost of thousands of jobs and opportunities for Queenslanders.

“Like agriculture, these are industries that have supported Queensland in good and hard times.

“The LNP has made sensible commitments to protect the Felton Valley and Gowrie Junction, and to oppose the proposal for Acland Stage III. The LNP is also the only Party that has provided a full commitment to protect the Scenic Rim area from CSG and mining development for the future.

“We’ve warned companies they are wasting their money looking for resources in the Scenic Rim which is better suited to tourism, agriculture and residential development in the future.

“The LNP is also the only party with a real plan to grow Agriculture as one of the four pillars of Queensland’s economy. We plan to double the State’s food production by 2040.

“Our strong new plan for sustainable resource industries in Queensland will provide investment certainty for industry in return for the world’s best social and environmental outcomes.

“We’ll appoint a Gasfields Land and Water Commission to better manage the relationships between the gas companies, landholders and communities, and to commission and supervise scientific work to give Queenslanders new confidence in the industry’s operations and environmental standards.

“We’ll provide $495 million over four years for Royalties for the Regions infrastructure projects.

“This is all brought together by our Statutory Regional Planning to identify, map out and protect the most productive farmland, to identify other land suitable for increasing productivity, to ring-fence communities, and to prioritise infrastructure projects.

“The LNP is the only party with a strong plan to grow a four pillar economy that includes Agriculture, Tourism, Construction and Resources.

“Labor won’t fix the problems. Others can’t. The LNP will,” Mr Nicholls said.

“It’s time for a change. It’s time to get Queensland back on track.”