Order for bronzes for Labor's 'Hall of Shame'

With Anna Bligh riding on the coat-tails of erecting monuments to human achievement in sport, the LNP today called for left-over casting material to be put to an effigy series – “Labor’s Hall of Shame’.

Deputy Opposition Leader and LNP campaign spokesman said there were plenty of characters to choose from – dodgy Ministers and others who could keep sculptors and casters in work for a while.

Bligh Labor’s ‘Hall of Shame’ team could include:

1. Gordon Nuttall Jailed for corruption

2. Jayant Patel Bundaberg hospital deaths and maimings

3. Joel Morehu-Barlow Fake Tahitian prince $16 million health fraud

4. Merri Rose Labor’s ‘good times’ Minister jailed for blackmail

5. Bill D’Arcy Labor Member jailed for child sex

6. Mike Kaiser Bligh’s right hand man famous for branch stacking /vote-rorting

7. Paul Lucas Health payroll debacle

8. Stephen Robertson Health Minister when nurses sexually assaulted / Minister for blackouts

9. Karen Struthers Sacked advisor for drink-driving, but stayed on when she was caught

10. Pat Purcell Minister for assaulting public servants in Emergency Services

11. Terry Mackenroth/Phil Reeves A1 GP disaster / Reeves’ abuse of power to avoid parking ticket

12. Jim Elder Voter registration fraud and now ‘success fees’

13. Andrew Fraser $85 billion state debt / losing State’s AAA credit- rating / asset sales

“There are plenty of others from the tired, 20-year Labor government.

“But this cast of 14 would be a good start to highlight the long years of waste, mismanagement.

“It’s time for a change. It’s time to get Queensland back on track.”

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