Councils need support to deliver flood recommendations

Queensland councils had every right to be disappointed with Premier Anna Bligh and her government’s miserable response to its own Flood Inquiry which has recommended better preparations for floods and severe storms, the LNP said today.

LNP Shadow Minister for Local Government David Gibson said the Local Government Association of Queensland is far from pleased by the government’s inaction on the issue.

“Councils have been snubbed on this critical issue,” Mr Gibson said.

“Anna Bligh and Andrew Fraser who hate councils, have rejected the councils’ call for $12.5 million for recurrent spending and $5 million for capital spending – and instead have offered only $5 million on a dollar-for-dollar basis.

“Councils need more funding support to face future disasters. The sad reality is that those areas most vulnerable to a repeat of last summer’s storms and flooding are those whose councils have the least capability to fund the flood recommendations.

“With the wet season looming, councils find themselves in a situation where they need an immediate commitment from the Bligh government to meet the 64 Inquiry recommendations that applied to councils.

“Councils can’t go cap in hand to the Emirates, like the State did for the cyclones shelters that were promised, but never delivered by the Beattie-Bligh governments.

“Right across the state, from the Torres Strait south to the Tweed, councils need funds to buy equipment and to undertake comprehensive disaster planning and training.

“The CanDo LNP team is committed to supporting our councils and their communities.”