School not warned of sex offender escape

DESPITE a written commitment from the Bligh government Middle Park State School received no warning about the escape of dangerous sex offender Andrew Ellis who slipped his GPS tracker and evaded police for 15 hours last week.

Shadow Minister for Police and Corrective Services John-Paul Langbroek questioned the Minister why the Middle Park School was not alerted about Ellis’s escape from the nearby Wacol sex offender holding centre.

“Why wasn’t the Middle Park State School alerted of the disappearance of Andrew Ellis,” Mr Langbroek asked.

“Especially when meetings with school officials in April 2011 and a follow-up letter to the school gave the expectation that alerts would be given should sex offenders escape”

Mr Langbroek, who tabled a letter from Corrective Services to the Middle Park principal and P&C Committee*, said the failure to alert the school of Ellis’s escape was a disgrace.

“Frantic parents were phoning the school about Ellis and his possible whereabouts after hearing of his escape on the radio and school was unable to give any advice.

“It’s appalling this has happened and says plenty about the priorities of a Premier and a government that’s focussed more on saving their own political jobs than protecting children attending a school near a facility for sex offenders.

“Minister Neil Roberts washed his hands of all responsibility, not surprising as he is retiring.”

Mr Langbroek said Bligh Labor had systematically failed to keep proper checks on thousands of paedophiles with at least 140 dangerous offenders freed on parole committing further sex crimes against children in the past six years.

“Under long-term Labor’s weak sentencing laws and lax monitoring system there’s been an astounding 2084 breaches of parole conditions by paedophiles in the same period.

“The numbers are absolutely frightening,” Mr Langbroek said.

“They prove this lazy, long-term Labor government cares less about protecting Queensland children from sexual molestation than it does about the freedoms of these offenders.”

“Labor’s laws are so lax – there’s no compulsion for paedophiles and other dangerous sexual offenders to complete proper rehabilitation before being granted parole.

“Government figures show there’s now more than 4000 persons in Queensland on the National Child Offender Register – the highest for any state and growing at 600 a year.

“You have to ask – are these people attracted to Queensland because they know our state laws are so lax?” Mr Langbroek said.

“The LNP will make Queensland’s anti-paedophile laws the toughest in the country.

“It’s time for a change. It’s time to get Queensland back on track.”

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