After 20 years Labor's three amigos have a plan for the Bruce

After 20 years of doing nothing Labor’s three amigos – retiring Paul Lucas, Roads Minister Craig Wallace and colleague Curtis Pitt – want Queenslanders to believe they have a plan to overhaul the dangerous and crumbling Bruce Highway.

LNP Shadow Minister for Main Roads, Fisheries & Marine Infrastructure Dr Mark Robinson said no one should believe a word Labor was now saying on Christmas and election eve.

“As they try to cover up the fact they’ve had 20 years to deal with a range of issues, expect to see Labor making all sorts of election eve commitments and today we have Labor’s three road amigos at Wrights Creek (Edmonton) promising to fix the Bruce from Cairns to Caboolture with their vision splendid,” Dr Robinson.

“But while Lucas, Pitt and Wallace are spinning their plan, the independent RACQ has released its Regional Roads Inspection Tour – a damning report which says motorists face further flooding, high crash risks and congestion along the Bruce.

“RACQ road engineers note the disaster relief funding has provided an opportunity to reconstruct the highway, but the funding doesn’t allow for the raising of the road – meaning parts of the highway are still likely to be cut or flood damaged again.”

Dr Robinson said the plain fact was the Bruce Highway was Queensland’s key transport corridor and under the tired, 20-year Labor government improvements have simply not kept pace with traffic volumes.

“Anyone who regularly travels the Bruce will confirm what the RACQ says – that the highway along with every other major road in the state, including the Warrego, is sub-standard.

“After 20 long years in power, retiring Paul Lucas and Craig Wallace want us to believe they are finally going to fix all the sub-standard sections of the Bruce – where poor design, narrow lanes and shoulders, lack of overtaking opportunities and dangerous roadside objects pose serious safety risks for motorists.”

Dr Robinson said the RACQ confirms LNP’s position that Bligh Labor and Craig Wallace have failed in their duty to get Queensland’s fair share of federal road funding resulting in the Bruce highway crisis.

“Bligh Labor is totally to blame for a systemic failure to properly plan, properly design, properly cost and tender urgently needed upgrades for the Bruce and Warrego Highways.

“Let’s face it. If this was a real commitment Labor wouldn’t be pushing failed retiring Paul Lucas out to do the honours. The suggestion that “Mr Payroll Debacle” has discovered a commitment to the Bruce on his way out the door is laughable.”

“Labor’s legacy is that our federal roads are in crisis.

“Only a CanDo LNP government can fix the Bruce Highway – through our Crisis Action plan. Unlike Labor who are promising action after 20 years of inaction, with support by the voters a new CanDo LNP Government can get on with the job starting in its first term.

“It’s time for change. It’s time to get Queensland back on track.”

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