Desperate Labor backflips on park n rides

The LNP has slammed Labor for backflipping on its own park n ride policy in a desperate bid for votes on the eve of an election.

“It’s sad to say, but this is just another last minute bid for votes from this tired, 20-year Labor government as it desperately tries to sandbag incumbents,” Shadow Minister for Transport Scott Emerson said.

“Labor has consistently refused to build park n rides at locations like Carindale and Chermside claiming this would contradict Translink’s policy not to build park n rides within 10 kilometres of the CBD or one kilometre of a major centre.”

The LNP has consistently called for more park n rides to encourage more people to use public transport.

“Despite the best efforts of LNP Candidate for Chatsworth Steve Minnikin and I the government refused to listen to common sense about building a park n ride facility for Carindale.

“Steve Minnikin was the driving force behind a petition signed by hundreds of local residents which called for more parking facilities for commuters.

“Instead, commuters parked in the Westfield shopping centre car park which led to Westfield charging for parking, causing chaos and frustration for shoppers, staff and residents.

“Instead, Labor waited until the eve of an election to backflip and bend the rules of its own policy for its own political gain.”

Mr Emerson accused Ms Bligh of looking for cheap political points by offering a token amount to Brisbane City Council to build a park n ride at Chermside.

“Park n rides have traditionally been constructed by the State Government, so Ms Bligh’s announcement is typical Labor buckpassing. She wants the glory but won’t put in the hard yards,” he said.

“LNP Candidate for Stafford Dr Chris Davis has advocated for a park n ride facility for Stafford commuters on Brisbane’s North side.

“Labor has failed to plan and deliver for local commuters for 20 years.

“Now they’re clutching at straws at the midnight hour with a proposal to build park n ride facilities at Marchant Park. This has outraged the community and local families.”

The LNP will engage with the community and the Brisbane Council to plan for the future and identify suitable sights.

“But as we all know, Labor has a history of broken promises whether it be asset sales, the fuel tax or the council elections, so the real question is not when, but if Labor will finally deliver these facilities,” Mr Emerson said.

“A CanDo LNP Government will work hard to deliver better infrastructure and planning and revitalise frontline services for families.

“It’s time for a change. It’s time to get Queensland back on track.”

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