ALP candidate rats on Bligh Labor Government’s jobs failure

A Labor candidate has let the cat out of the bag on the Bligh Labor Government’s jobs failures, the State Opposition said today.

Hervey Bay ALP candidate Don Gayler has issued a media release stating the Bligh Labor Government’s draft Wide Bay Burnett Plan “offers no assistance on the jobs front”.

Deputy Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls said the Hervey Bay ALP candidate’s criticism exposed Labor’s focus on spin over substance.

“This tired Labor Government has released countless plans, strategies and reviews over the past 20 years, which even their own candidates are now saying are ‘vague’ and meaningless,” he said.

“A CommSec report released just this week shows the Queensland economy is in the doldrums, yet still Anna Bligh and Andrew Fraser pretend there is no problem while they hike up taxes and charges on struggling businesses.

“Queensland’s infrastructure needs in areas like the Wide Bay have been neglected for years because Labor has wasted billions of taxpayers’ dollars on crises that should never have happened, and huge budget blowouts for major projects have become par for the course.

“In contrast, the LNP is determined to properly build and maintain the infrastructure we need – when we need it.

“An LNP Government would focus on the four pillars of agriculture, construction, resources and tourism to generate growth and ensure Queensland is everything it can be.”

Mr Nicholls said the ALP Hervey Bay candidate’s criticism begged the question of why he wanted to join a tired 20 year old Labor Government which he hadexposed as a failure.

“No doubt there will be more Labor candidates and MPs seeking to distance themselves from the Bligh Government in a desperate attempt to save their own political hides, but there is no escape,” he said.

“Only a change in Government will bring about the change Queensland desperately needs to get back on track. The LNP will work for Queensland, not for ourselves.”

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