Broken record Fraser has no credibility on costings

Australia’s worst Treasurer Andrew Fraser is “a broken record” playing the same old song to try and distract attention away from the tired, 20 year old Labor Government’s woeful economic mismanagement, the State Opposition said today.

Deputy Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls said Andrew Fraser had no credibility after already breaking his own promise of only a month ago to release savings details as each Labor policy was announced.*

“Andrew Fraser has betrayed the trust of Queenslanders too many times and no one believes his ranting and raving any more,” Mr Nicholls said.

“Depending on which day of the week it is, Andrew Fraser and Labor have variously accused the LNP of having $5 billion worth of policies, $2 billion worth of policies or none at all.

“The LNP has already announced respected former Queensland Auditor-General Len Scanlan will independently verify the costing of the LNP’s election commitments.

“All of our election policies will be fully costed and fully funded with the costings released before the election.”

Mr Nicholls called on Andrew Fraser to explain to Queenslanders how Labor intended to guarantee the full and independent costings of their policies.

“At the 2009 election, Andrew Fraser released a single A4 page costings document with just $49.85 million in expenditure identified and no mention of the fuel tax and asset sales,” he said.

“Andrew Fraser will no doubt try the same trick again and Queenslanders will be rightly asking what nasty surprises are Labor keeping hidden this time.

“It’s time to change the broken record.

“Only an LNP Government will cut the waste and grow a strong four pillar economy to get Queensland back on track.”

* “Our policy costing will be released through the campaign as we make policy commitments about savings that we’ll be making,” Mr Fraser said. (ABC Online, 24/01/12)

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