Labor gets a big, fat fail for red tape, extra taxes and inefficiencies

The State Opposition has said it’s little wonder Queensland has the highest unemployment in mainland Australia after Labor was failed for strangling the property and construction industry with reams of red tape, higher taxes and charges and inefficient planning systems.

The Development Assessment Report Card 2012 ranks Queensland second last of all Australian states and territories for planning systems and progress on development assessment reform after Queensland scored 5.8 out of a possible 10. This was the same score it received in 2010.

Deputy Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls called the score an indictment on Labor’s pitiful performance.

“This report shows why unemployment has risen in areas with a high concentration of construction like the Gold Coast and investment has stalled. It’s because of Labor’s red tape and soaring taxes,” he said.

“In contrast, the other resources state Western Australia has streaked ahead going from a 5.3 in 2010 to a 7.1 in 2012.”

Unlike Labor which puts all its eggs in the mining basket, the LNP recognises that all four pillars of the economy, including property and construction, need to be firing to create jobs and provide security for Queenslanders.

“The LNP has released a detailed property and construction strategy to get this vital industry back on track,” Mr Nicholls said.

“Key features of the LNP strategy include:

• Increased support from Government through the establishment of a Cabinet Committee focused on property and construction chaired by the Queensland Treasurer

• Addressing planning system inconsistencies and inefficiencies by fixing the Sustainable Planning Act and minimizing the introduction of any new State Planning Policies and Regulatory Provisions for two years

• Re-introducing the stamp duty concession for the family home and dumping the waste tax

“Unlike Labor which hammers the property and construction industry at every turn, the LNP is determined to give property and construction businesses relief from complexity, uncertainty and rising costs.

“Having a strong property and construction industry is crucial to ensuring the LNP achieves our target of reducing unemployment to 4 per cent within six years.

“It’s time for a change. It’s time to get Queensland back on track.”

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