Queenslanders can expect ‘slick’ State Budget

Queenslanders can expect Treasurer Andrew Fraser to talk down the State Budget this week so he can pull some rabbits out of the hat next week, the State Opposition said today.

LNP Shadow Treasurer Tim Nicholls said Andrew Fraser was a slick political operator and would be trying to desperately downplay expectations so the Budget promises sound better.

“I expect we’ll see a slick Budget speech from Andrew Fraser, some well-crafted glossy documents, and lots of talk about ‘the future’ and ‘rebuilding’,” Mr Nicholls said.

“It will no doubt be a competent speech, with a few mea culpas and plenty of promises to do better.

“While Andrew Fraser knows how to deliver a glib political line, he has never delivered a good Budget bottom line.”

Mr Nicholls said Queenslanders wanted to see what the Bligh Labor Government would actually deliver under this Budget to make their lives better.

“Anna Bligh and Andrew Fraser are clever at ducking crises of their own making, but never do anything to avoid problems in the first place,” he said.

“The fact is Labor sent us broke in the last boom and all Queenslanders are understandably worried the next mining boom will drift by with no apparent gain for the state.

“So I expect we’ll see all the political tricks come out this week and next – lots of hard hats, recycled promises and vows to do better.

“After 20 years of slick Labor budgets, Queenslanders are entitled to ask how long they have to wait before their life gets better.

“Every day the Labor Government wastes is another day of lost opportunities.

“Unlike Labor, the LNP will save you money and deliver more by getting action on the basics and cutting waste. We’ll forward plan, not live for the moment.”

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