Treasurer should scrap huge election ad blitz

LNP Shadow Treasurer Tim Nicholls says the Bligh government should ditch its massive advertising spending spree in the run up to the state election.

“With an election expected within six to nine months, the government has already raided the public purse for an expensive propaganda blitz.

“There was a massive spike in prime time ads soon after the floods, and costs are already trending to $10 million,” Mr Nicholls said.

“Media industry figures for the first three months of this year reveal $7.9 million has been spent on ads on TV, radio, cinema and press.

“This government wastes about $80 million a year on taxpayer-funded self-promotion, even outspending international fast food giants like McDonalds.

“This inept Labor government is notorious in pushing the legal limits on questionable promotional material during election years.

“During the last election, government ads ran hot even after the election was called.

“A number of current cabinet ministers have also been caught out dishonestly using department brochures to lift their profiles.

“It’s a cruel insult to Queenslanders that millions in taxpayer’s money are being used to promote the government while many flood victims are still crying out for help from the tight-fisted and unsympathetic Premier’s Flood Appeal.

“A CanDo LNP government will cut the waste and reckless spending by working for Queensland – not for ourselves.

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