Far Better Ways to Spend $26 million In Electoral Funding

There are far better ways to spend $26 million than on Bligh Labor’s greedy electoral splurge, LNP candidate for Burnett Stephen Bennett said today.

Mr Bennett condemned Labor’s Electoral Reform and Accountability Amendment Bill 2011, saying it was completely out of touch with community standards.

“The Bligh Government should be ashamed of wanting to put its greasy fingers in the pockets of Queensland taxpayers to fund political parties when Queensland is overwhelmed with urgent issues they’ve neglected,” he said.

“Labor wants to give $26 million to political parties when our state is broke, our roads are a disgrace, our regional hospitals and schools are desperate for funds and communities are struggling to rebuild from the devastating floods and storms.

“That money would be far better spent on fixing local roads, hospitals and schools.

“The LNP believes political parties can do their own fund-raising, and as Bligh Labor wants to exempt donations from unions affiliated with the ALP, funding for Labor activities and campaigns will be assured.”

Mr Bennett said Queensland taxpayers already provided substantial funding for elections.

“For the 2009 election, taxpayers forked out about $3 million. Anna Bligh and Labor now want to increase that nearly ten-fold when so many other more important transport, hospital and school projects are crying out for funds.”

Mr Bennett said the LNP stood firmly opposed to Labor’s cash grab.

“Under the LNP, Queenslanders will power Queensland again, not politics. The Campbell Newman LNP team will work for Queensland, not ourselves.”

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