Wyaralong’s wasted water

Households are footing an ever increasing cost for the Bligh Government’s bungled Wyaralong Dam project, LNP Shadow Minister for Energy and Water Utilities Steve Dickson said today.

“The much lauded Wyaralong Dam still has not been connected to the water grid, but taxpayers are footing bills in bulk water prices that have increased by an estimated $50 a year to cover the construction costs,” Mr Dickson said.

The Government couldn’t confirm the cost to connect the dam to the grid was an estimated $545 million. In fact, this morning the Queensland Water Commission has admitted the dam may not be connected to the grid until 2027 – 16 years away.

“Everyday Queenslanders who are already struggling with the cost of living which has soared under two decades of Labor are paying for something that can’t be used.

“Wyaralong is a dam which cost $350 million to build and is full to the brim, but it’s just sitting there. This is just another disastrous example of the Bligh Government’s absolute inability to plan, cost and deliver a project without waste or problems.

“People are sick of the hidden charges and tax gouging. They just want it to stop.

“This is what happens when lazy Ministers with no idea are left in charge of vital water projects. We now have crucial funds tied up in infrastructure which doesn’t deliver anything for the state.

“The CanDo LNP team will cut waste and properly plan and deliver the services and infrastructure that Queenslanders need and deserve.”

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